Miranda Baillie 

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Boca Raton, FL


Tamara Belair  

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Montreal, QC

"I have a blog!"


Ainsley Bustos   

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

"My favorite thing to do is belt out lyrics to throwbacks"

Lara Cooper 

Rachel Cristofoli 

Major: Industrial Relations

Hometown: Aurora, ON

Hana Elabed 

Major: Political Science

Minor: Geography

Hometown: Piedmont, CA

"I speak 3 languages, and am working on learning my 4th!"

Hayley Ford​

Sooji Hah

Major: Industrial Relations

Karina Kalpaxis

Major: Economics

Minor: Statistics

Hometown: Middle Village, NY

"I have my boating license (so I can operate any water craft up to 70 feet) and have never driven a boat"

Bianca Loge 

Major: Biomedical Life Sciences

Hometown: Stavanger, Norway / Moscow, Russia

"Canada is the 9th country I've moved to!"


Emily Long 

Major: Secondary Education

Hometown: Montreal, QC

"I've played ringette for 13 years!"


Zahra Mohamed 

Major: International Development 

Hometown: Markham, ON

"I am a ski instructor and have skied for over 10 years"


Paula Molnar

Major: Social Work 

Hometown: Montreal, QC

Lily Payton 

Major: International Development & Political Science 

Minor: Health Geography 

Hometown: Potomac, MD

"I am currently writing this as I simultaneously watch The Little Mermaid in an animal onesie"

Olivia Peña

Major: Psychology 

Minor: Biology 

Hometown: Miami Beach, FL

Sophie Robitaille-Meyer
Deb Swerdin

Major: Mathematics

Minor: Computer Science and Economics 

Hometown: New York, NY

Saskia de Vries

Major: History 

Minor: Anthropology

Hometown: Oakville, ON

"I've had pittakionophobia since I was a little kid"

Kate Whitmore
Claire Williams

Major: Cognitive Science

Minor: International Development

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

"I love to cook, especially healthy foods because my family started the first Health Food Store in America"

Raphaelle Brochu​
Manon Feasson

Major: Nutrition 

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Alex Hilkene 

Major: English Literature

Minor: Communications

Hometown: Toronto, ON

"I am often characterized by my love for spaghetti and horses"

Gabrielle Ho

Major: Accounting and Finance

Minor: International Development

Hometown: California

Zoe Humeau

Major: Environmental Science

Minor: Health Geography 

Hometown: Bethesda, MD 

"My parents were both in the Olympics. I once ate 18 chicken nuggets in one sitting though so who's the real Olympian in the family?"

Sam Leibgott​

Major: Occupational Therapy

Hometown: Montreal, QC

"I always cry when they hit the golden buzzer during America's Got Talent auditions"

Maddie Martin​

Major: Sociology

Minor: Communications

Hometown: King City, ON

"I've completed two half marathons and a 15km race around the Toronto Island!"

Ivey Norton 

Major: Psychology

Minor: Communications & Anthropology 

Hometown: Toronto, ON

"I travelled 8 hours through France in the cargo pit of a train!"

Ege Ozdemir

Major: Economics

Minor: Management

Hometown: Istanbul, TR

Juliette Selye

Major: Finance

Hometown: Sea Cliff, NY

Domenique Stassen 

Major: Anthropology 

Minor: Mathematics

Hometown: Amsterdam, NL

"My best friend Zoe is a meme"

Jocelyn Weisman
Miki Sugita

Major: Economics

Minor: Computer Science

Hometown: Bangkok, TH

"I was named after my dad's childhood dog"

New Member Class Fall 2016

New Member Class Fall 2015

Natalie Fournier

Major: Industrial Relations

Minor: Women's Studies

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

"I almost met Bono in a record shop in Ireland... almost"

Tina Arani

Major: Cognitive Science

Minor: Communications

Hometown: South Burlington, VT

"I have an unhealthy obsession with Beyoncé"

Madeline Roberts

Major: Psychology

Minor: Pathology

Hometown: Falmouth, Maine


"This past summer I travelled to Nicaragua and volunteered in a hospital. At the end of the trip the surgeons let me scrub up and assist in a C-Section! "

Ilayda Abacioglu

Major: Pharmacology

Minor: Management

Hometown: Istanbul, Turkey

"I used to cross the Bosphorus bridge every day to go to my high school which was in Asian side from European side where I lived."

Charlotte Jenkins

Major: Marketing

Hometown: River Forest, Illinois

"I have a twin brother"

Sophie Noel

Major: International Development Studies

Minor: Communications

Hometown: Ridgewood, New Jersey

Favorite GPhi Memory: Hanging out with all of my sisters at winter retreat!

Parmida Parsa

Major: Physiology

Hometown: Montreal, QC / Florence, SC

"I can touch my nose with my tongue!"

Ariane Simondet

Major: Marketing

Minor: Canadian Studies

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Kirsten Brooks

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Johannesburg, South Africa


"I've lived in 6 different countries "

Alina Lakhani

Major: Physiology

Minor: Management

Hometown: Calgary, AB

"I worked as a mechanic one summer!"

Emilie Macfie

Major: Political Science

Minor: Economics

Hometown: Chelsea, QC


"I'm an only child, so I am extra happy to have all my new sisters!"

Sabrina Shih

Major: Industrial Relations

Hometown: Vancouver & Kaohsiung, Taiwan


"I like to eat peanut butter out of the jar and cross intersections when I'm not supposed to"

Hilary Troyer

Major: Psychology

Minor: Industrial Relations

Hometown: Beaconsfield, QC


"I am hardcore Netflix addict and have watched over 50 TV shows from beginning to end."

Grace Apps

Major: Mathematics, Economics

Hometown: Toronto, ON


Samantha Wren

Major: Finance 

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Julia Solomon

New Member Class Winter 2015

New Member Class Fall 2014