McGill University has one of the largest percentages of international students of any university, so it's no surprise that our girls in Gamma Phi Beta come from all over the world. Our crescent reaches across oceans and continents. It's not just where our girls are from that's impressive... it's also the places they've been, and the places they'll go!


Check out some of the amazing sites our girls have visited!


Krystel and Carine in Switzerland
Sisters on Retreat in Tremblant
Rebecca at Lake Willoughby VT
Liz in Nicaragua
Sabrina in Taiwan
Josephine at Times Square
Kirsten in Paris
April in Australia
Ilayda at Gamma Phi UCLA
Jamie and Caroline in California
Sabrina & Karina with Gamma Phi UBC
Evelyn in Puerto Plata
Charlotte in Mauna Kea
Ariane at Lake Como, Italy
Jamie in Florida
Emilie in Vienna
Carine at Laguna Beach
Morgan and Melanie at GPhi Syracuse
Holly in Antigua
Emma at Gamma Phi Denver, Colorado
Aylish Christina Caroline Tremblant
Michelle in Paris
Ava Kenzia Leena Mont Vesuvius California
April in Vietnam
Natalie Clark Reservation State Park
Lane and Emilie